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We invite you to include the One Heart, One Soul Campaign prayer into your daily prayer routine. The prayer is especially intended for group settings, like parish events, volunteer meetings, and other parish gatherings where it may be appropriate.


ALL: Almighty and eternal God,

you alone are the source of every good gift.

We thank you for the blessings you pour out on us,

signs of your infinite goodness, given freely out of love.

Continue to form each of us into faithful stewards

of your abundant blessings.

Help us to cultivate our gifts with care and love,

to share them generously with those in need,

and to return them with increase to you,

our heavenly Father.


LEADER: As you renew all things in Christ,

grant to our parishes and Diocese

a fresh outpouring of your Holy Spirit.

May this community of faith

be of one heart and soul

as we work together in your name.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


ALL: Amen.


LEADER: Our Lady of the Annunciation,


ALL: Pray for us!

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