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A defining feature of the One Heart, One Soul Campaign is its focus on the life of our parishes. The campaign allows parishes to decide what projects are more pressing in their local community – these projects make up their local campaign priorities.


Parish case statements can be found by expanding the parish sections below. Note that you can search for a parish in the search bar. Only those parishes whose Campaign Wave has begun will have a parish case statement listed, but case statements will be updated as the campaign progresses.

PLEASE NOTE: the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many parishes to postpone their campaign launches. Parish campaigns in Waves 2 and 3 will have staggered starts beginning September, 2020 and will conclude no later than May, 2021. 

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“What I find especially attractive about the idea of this campaign is the focus on parishes and their needs. The parishes will receive the lion’s share of the monies raised within their own parish campaigns, while also making significant contributions to (diocesan) concerns we all have in common. I think the campaign has the potential to strengthen our unity as a Diocese; we cannot forget that we all belong to each other.” 


Fr. Martin Vallely,
Pastor of Holy Rosary Parish, Burlington 

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