Bishop Douglas Crosby, OMI
Msgr. Murray Kroetsch, Vicar General and Chancellor Jim Long, Episcopal Director of Finance and Administration Francis Doyle, Director of Stewardship and Development Hannah Lamanes, Coordinator, Stewardship and Development Offi ce Pam Aleman, Communications and Public Relations Manager Nicole Laczko, Digital Media Manager


The Diocese is generous to many in need. For example, the Diocese has an ongoing financial commitment to help the Diocese of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, which is still suffering from the effects of the devastating earthquake there in 2010, and the Diocese of Churchill-Hudson Bay, which includes northern Manitoba and the territory of Nunavut.


The Diocese also supports many worthy causes within and outside of the Diocese, such as: organizations who support the poor and marginalized like St. Vincent de Paul, the Good Shepherd and several others; health care initiatives including hospice care and conscience protection for those in the medical field; community organizations such as the Catholic Youth Organization, Catholic Family Services and Catholic Children’s Aid; and several other organizations and causes in need who do the work of the gospel.


Additionally, the Diocese recently made a significant gift to St. Peter’s Seminary in London, helping to ensure the seminary can continue its mission to form priests for our Diocese and the Church in Canada. 


Earlier in 2018, Bishop Crosby called out to parishioners across the Diocese to fill out the Capital Campaign Survey, as a way to assess the needs in our Parishes and ministries. 

We invite you to read the results in the Campaign Study Summary.